Currently we have 1 adoptable cat.
Introducing Bibi!

Bibi was trapped at 3.5 months in a feral cat colony. He was socialized in foster care and has decided he now likes living in a home with people. He may be shy with you for a couple days, but that’s about it. A few treats will convince him you are his friend. He is very affectionate, when he is not rough housing with the other cats. He is a well behaved kitten, he also uses his litter box, all the time. He is quiet at night and not a pest. Loves playing with all his cat toys and is very entertaining. Bibi has also been tested for FeLV/ FIV and is negative.

 Fill out our online adoption application.
Please scroll down to read about our process.


Mellie, Silvie and Elfie have all been adopted.

Now that you’ve decided you would like to adopt one of our cats, our process is fairly simple.
Feel free to call with any questions you have regarding one of our cats. Even though our process is simple each step is required.

1) Fill out our online adoption application first, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
2) If everything looks good on the application we’ll call and schedule a time for you to come meet the kitty. If you have young children they need to come.
3) After the meet and greet, we schedule a time to bring the cat to your home. At this
time we have a brief home visit, just to make sure the kitty will be safe in his/her new environment. If it all looks good, we sign an adoption contract, you pay the adoption fee and your new kitty will have a forever home.

All 3 steps are required to adopt.

A few other requirements.

Adopters must be at least 21 years of age.
No cats under 1 year will be adopted into households with children under 6.
We do not adopt out of state.
Adoption is a privilege. We reserve the right to deny adoption at any step up until
signing the contract.
If for some reason you need to give up a cat adopted from us, please contact us first instead
of turning him/her into a shelter.

Adoption Fee $75  Adults / $85 Kittens under 6 months