Front-Porch Felines is caretaker to 5 colonies in our rural subdivision.
Many residents here support their own colonies.
Meet our feral friends.

The Barn Cats

This group consists of approximately 20 cats. About 8 cats lived in the barn and others came only to eat. A new property owner removed the feeding station and moved out their shelters right as winter set in. The group is now scattered to other residences. A few have moved across the street where, fortunately, a cat-friendly neighbor allowed us to set up a feeding station and some shelters. The cats are now eating at their new location, but sadly a few of the cats refuse to leave the barn property even though their shelters and a warm place to sleep are gone.


Henry-Street Gang

This colony consists of about 20 cats. Most of the cats in this group were probably dumped or abandoned years ago. About half of these cats will come up very close at feeding but don’t want to be touched. The other half are very shy and mostly stay hidden. They have made their home under a trailer and various outbuildings on the one-acre property. We’re working one by one trying to re-socialize a few. This was Barnaby’s former home. See his blog.


Brenda’s Bunch

This is where it all started. I’m Brenda. After moving into this rural subdivision, I noticed a lot of starving, sick cats living in a horse trailer across the street. I was told, “DO NOT FEED THOSE CATS!!”  Well, after sneaking food to “those cats” I decided to come out in the open and just start feeding them. Next came the whole trapping-neutering-return thing. I currently feed about 30 cats that come from all over on our acre. They only come at night, due to my cats’ unfriendly attitude toward interlopers. At night, my cats come indoors and the feral cats party hardy. We have 3 feeding stations. Here’s a few photos of Brenda’s Front Porch-Felines.


Mary-Street Mousers

This is a new colony for us. More pictures to come. These cats are fed by Rick, the owner of the property. Front-Porch Felines did the trapping and we still give the colony canned food daily. During the trapping process, the cats came to expect canned food; we didn’t have the heart to take it away. There were originally 40 cats. FPF removed about 12 kittens for adoption. This is Nacho and Yolanda’s former home. The Mary-Street Mousers are a really good-looking group, with cats of every color. You may notice some are still without names . . . naming takes time! Forgotten Felines funded the trapping and medical care for this colony.

Henry-Street Harem

We started taking care of this colony in May of 2018. The colony was abandoned when tenants moved and left approximately 16 adult cats, many pregnant or with small kittens.
This group was very feral, no one really knew how many cats there were or where they were actually living. It appeared at first there was only 1 male and numerous females. 10 feral kittens and 14 adults were eventually trapped here after 2 weeks of scoping out the colony by trail cam. We still only have trail-cam pictures of this group, we know they are eating, coming and going, but they are all very elusive.*
There are now more cats at the Henry-Street Harem.