Favorite Articles, Opinions and Books


We need to stop overvaccinating our cats  by Lisa Pierson DVM
New hope for FeLV/FIV cats        Catster Magazine
What’s toxic in your garden?  Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
Antiseptics, which are safe for your cat?  Cat-World Blog
Bug Poisons from a veterinary perspective  Dave’s Garden
FeLV/FIV testing for feral cats, why it’s not standard  Neighborhood Cats
Publication by Alley Cat Allies by Nathan Winograd on returning FIV feral cats to their colonies. Download pdf.


Feral cat, rat patrol in Chicago  CNN about the good work of Tree House Humane Society
Tree House Humane Society  We love this group!
Feral cats are not the problem, humans are.  Julia Orr, Huffpost
Cat hoarders and how to identify them  Messy Beasts Cat Rescue
How fast can cats multiply?  Animal Allies of Idaho

An average cat has 1-8 kittens per litter and 2-3 litters per year. During her productive life, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens.
A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years. YIKES!  Fayette Humane Society


 Cat Skills, by Leslie Goodwin. A wealth of information on cats, written with humor.
FIV Booklet  Catwork, Sanctuary shares their experience caring for over 80 FIV cats.

local TNR Groups

Longmont Friends of Feral and Abandoned Cats
Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals
Forgotten Felines Denver
Wild at Heart Boulder, CO