Really? You Trap Cats? What’s That All About?

It’s called TNR- It means Trap-Neuter-Return

The only proven way to diminish the free-roaming cat population is by TNR

Trap: First the cat is humanely trapped.
Neuter: The cat is spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped* at a veterinary clinic.
Return:  Yep, the cat is actually returned home, but can no longer make babies.

*Ear tipping lets the caretaker know the cat has been sterilized.

Tame cats and kittens are removed with the intent to put adoptable cats into homes, instead of living on the street.

These following groups have lots of info on TNR, including how to videos.

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Alley Cat Allies

Tomahawk Traps For Trapping Supplies 
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Contact us if you need help or advice with TNR.