Chandra, Dani & Alora Barker
Chandra and her daughters love socializing feral kittens!
They are fearless and have taken on some tough, stubborn kitties
and are always up for the challenge, no matter what.

Shannon Rhoda
Shannon is a huge help fostering kittens as well as adults.
She has a kind heart and unlimited patience with the kitties
and her foster room is always filled with cool toys.

Leslie Hardy
Leslie is a neighborhood resident who saves the lives of itty-bitty kitties.
She loves taking care of bottle-baby kittens and has fostered 11 at one time,
without batting an eye.
She’s also our first consult on sick kitties, having been a vet tech for years.

Lisa Goodrich
Lisa is a great researcher and has used her skill to find and secure food donations.
This is super important when you are feeding a 100+ cats daily.

Janet Severe
Janet is indispensable. She helps by driving. She’s always willing to drop off
or pick up cats at the spay/neuter clinic. She picks up medicines, drops kitties
off at the vets. Janet even has her own feral cat colony she tends to at her home.

Sue Peterson
Sue drives for us too. She and her wonderful truck have picked up large food
donations for us. She goes above and beyond, even picking up food, last minute
that was more than 2 hours away.

Jess Grentz
Jess recently took over feeding our feral colonies 2 days a week.
These volunteers are hard to come by. After begging for volunteers
for years, Jess called one day and wanted to give it a try. She is having fun
making friends with the feral kitties who can be shy and is a great caretaker.

James King
James owns Wheaton Website Services and helps us with our website,
when it’s above our pay grade.

Brenda Hart
Brenda is the founder of Front-Porch Felines, but also a volunteer.
She traps, fosters and socializes feral kittens. She also traps and recovers our feral
cats after spay/neuter. She cares for cats that need recovery from illness or injury.
Brenda has fed 5 feral colonies of 100+ cats daily for over 4 years.
She is very happy Jess is helping now.
She does our bookkeeping, web work, Face Book posts and fundraising.