Pam Miller
Pam is a neighborhood resident who has helped us
with socializing kittens and fostering a mama and her 4 kittens.
A huge help!

Karen Christiansen
Karen is a neighborhood resident who has helped with our kitten-
socialization program, before they move on to their
forever homes.

Leslie Hardy
Leslie is a neighborhood resident who saves the lives of itty-bitty kitties.
She loves taking care of bottle-baby kittens and is great at answering cat-care questions, having been a vet tech for years.

Bob Saxon
Bob is a resident of the neighborhood who helps care for the Barn Colony. We have some shelters set-up on the property and he lends a hand with feeding and watching over the cats.

Megan Fry
Megan has graciously volunteered to help with kitty transport to and from the spay/neuter clinic. She lives in Denver and is Barnaby’s and Nacho’s nurse.