Front-Porch Felines Needs Volunteers

Since we’re a relatively new organization, we need volunteers.
You don’t even have to live in our area to help out. There are tasks you can do at home.

If you feel you can contribute in any way or have some special skill not listed, contact us.

Here are some of our volunteer opportunities.

Foster Homes
Provide a temporary safe home for kittens and/or adult cats while they’re waiting for adoption or transfer to an adoption/rescue center. We can furnish supplies.
We sometimes need care for cats recuperating from surgery or illness.

Help Socializing Kittens
Most our kittens come from feral colonies so they can be a bit “wild” at first. The older the kitten, the more challenging they are. It’s extremely rewarding to see a terrified kitten turn into a super-snugly purrbaby! Don’t worry, we can show you how it’s done. We can even drop off the kitties to you.

Kitty Transport (#1 current need )
There’s a huge need for volunteers to drop off and pick up cats from spay/neuter clinics and veterinary appointments. We recently lost our local spay/neuter clinic. This has put a dent in trapping because now cats must be transported to Denver or Longmont. You won’t handle the trapped cats themselves:  just drop them off and pick them up in their cages. Great volunteer position for someone retired.

Currently we have only 1 trapper. Trapping can be exciting even though you don’t actually handle the cats. We can show you how, and you can be a part of controlling over-population in the cat colonies. We furnish all equipment.

This position probably will take about 1 hour per month, we are still small!
Need knowledge of Quickbooks.
Help pick up food for us when needed.
Find sources of donated or discounted, good-quality cat food.

Social Media
We need Facebook help — someone who can post for us and build up our followers.

Colony Care
If you live in our area, volunteer to feed the cat colonies. Even one day a week can give the caretaker a break. Food is furnished.

Occasional help with building projects.

Security-Camera Person
Our kitty-cam needs fixing so we can hook it up to our website.

Stuff You Can Do From Home
Data entry for the bookkeeper
Occasional word-processing or making of charts
Creating educational materials & handouts
Graphic design