Ya Gotta Keep’ Em Warm

Here are a few photos of the cat shelters Front-Porch Felines built. Ideas were used from different websites to build shelters that worked well in our area. These are super warm in winter. In summer we usually dump most of the straw.

Fancy 3 Cat Shelter (of course they need to like each other) We have 1″ reflective foam insulation board, a vinyl adhesive floor over the foam. The inside seams have been sealed with latex outdoor caulk. Just add straw, put on the foam top panel and the lid. Easy Peazy!
Here are a couple shelters we built. These were made for inside an outbuilding. If they are going to be exposed to the elements, upgrade to outdoor tubs. Resist the urge to put blankets or anything inside that will retain moisture. The cats love to burrow down into the straw.

Here’s a few links to shelters you can make. You can also buy one, if you’re not handy.
Keep in mind, the plastic tubs do not offer as much protection as a wooden shelter. These were built to be inside outbuildings, garages, or barns. If you plan on using tubs outdoors, make sure they are not easily accessible to predators.

 Alley Cat Advocates
 Alley Cat Allies  Tons of great ideas, plus where to buy already made shelters.
 Neighborhood Cats