House Guests

Sharing my studio with two lovely ladies!

Two of the cats at The Mary Street Mousers Colony had eye issues. We weren’t sure what if anything could be done, but decided to give it a go. Itsy had a blue eye and droopy upper lid. Tootsie’s third eyelid was completely covering her eye and blood red. During her spay, they had taken numerous fox tails out of her gums and we thought one may have migrated to her eye. Both were trapped again and taken to Well Pet Clinic at Longmont Humane. Itsy’s eye was a congenital defect, but she still had some sight left. Dr. DePauw was able to open her eye a bit more so see could see better. Tootsie’s surgery was more serious. All the inflamed tissue was removed, but unfortunately they couldn’t find the fox tail. She was a quiet guest for 3 weeks, until going home day, when she escaped and wreaked havoc in the studio. Both are recovered and back home. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Tootsie, that the nasty fox tail is gone and not hiding somewhere. Big thanks to Well Pet and Forgotten Felines who footed the bill.

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